The advantages of playing on the pokerv server, what are the advantages? If you want to get the answer, then read this article. Poker mania will certainly find a very satisfying answer. Because this article will explain in detail what are the advantages of playing on a pokerv server. Let’s take a look right away! The POKERV server provides 8 types of games (currently), besides that, Pokerv also provides bonuses for its members. 8 types of games issued by POKERV are POKER, BANDAR POKER, DOMINOQQ, BANDARQ, CAPSA SUSUN, ADUQ, SAKONG, BANDAR66. The available bonus is a Turn Over (TO) Bonus of 0.5% which is distributed every day. There is still a referral bonus or referrals of 10 + 10%.

In the following, we will explain what games are available on the pokerv server

Poker is a game played using REMI cards. The number of 1 set of REMI cards is 52 pieces. For online POKER games, a maximum of 9 people can play. Each player will be dealt 2 cards in hand. The cards in the hand will be matched with 5 cards that will be dealt on the table or commonly called the middle card.

Bandar Poker
In the Bandar Poker game, it is almost similar to a poker game, only in this game there is a player who is the dealer. In the Bandar Poker game, only 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A cards are used. performed by 8 players. 7 players are players and 1 player is the dealer. Each player has the right to become a dealer, only to become a dealer depending on the capital owned by the player. In this game the player and the dealer both get 2 cards which will be matched with the cards on the table. Then the combination of player cards will be competed with a combination of dealer cards.

The Advantages You Get When Playing On Pokerv . Servers

SAKONG is a game that uses REMI cards. Each member will get 3 cards. The highest score in the SAKONG game is 10 and the lowest number is 1. The SAKONG game is played with a maximum of 8 people.

In these 8 players in each round there will be 1 player who becomes the BANDAR. To become a BANDAR in the SAKONG game, a player must have enough CHIP.

Susun The Capsa Susun game is played with REMI cards played by 2-4 players. In the gameplay, players will get 13 cards that are arranged into 3 different parts. The distribution of the middle card and the bottom card consists of 5 cards and the top 3 cards. Players must understand that the arrangement of cards in the middle must not be higher than the value of the cards at the bottom otherwise you will lose.

DOMINOQQ is one of the famous online gambling games. Besides being famous, DOMINOQQ is also the game most played by online gambling lovers. DominoQQ is a game that is played with 4 cards. In the game DOMINO99 using dominoes (the total is 28 pieces). This game system is looking for card 9.

This game can only be played by a maximum of 6 players at one table game. At the beginning of the game players will be dealt 3 cards. In the first 3 cards the player must find a combination of 9 cards (QIU) on 2 cards. Then one more card is called the waiting card (waiting for the 4th card which is the final card).

AduQ The AduQ
game can only be played by 8 people at 1 table. In the AduQ game, there is only one player who wins, namely the one with the highest card value. If there are the same card values, then the one holding the card with the highest log becomes the winner.

The Advantages You Get When Playing On Pokerv . Servers

BandarQ is the most popular game in online gambling. Because the game is simple. BandarQ games can only be played by a maximum of 8 people with 7 players as players and 1 player being the dealer. This game pits the value of the player’s card against the dealer.

If the player gets a value of 9 and the dealer’s value is below 9 then the player gets paid double yes. And vice versa if the dealer gets a value of 9 then he has the right to eat all the bets on the game table.

Bandar66 is played using 2 sets of dominoes which will be distributed 1 card to each player. In 1 card you will see the number of circles. In the bandar66 game or other names, the fight can be played from a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 8 people.

The system of this game is to compare the numbers that the player has with the city. If the player gets a BALAK card, he will get 2 times the payment. On the other hand, if the city holds the log card and the log is higher than the player’s, then the city wins the game. But if the player’s stake is higher then the city still pays the player.

So what are the advantages? In addition to providing 8 games at once, another advantage is that all games can be played using 1 user id. Easy isn’t it???


The bonus in question is the Turn Over (TO) Bonus of 0.5% which is distributed every day. There is still a referral bonus or referrals of 10 + 10%.

Turn over Bonus (TO)
Bonus which is calculated from the member’s roll or number of bets in one. for a bonus to 0.5%, my boss, for
Turn Over 1,000,000 x 0.5% then members get a bonus of 5,000.

Bonus A bonus that is obtained if a member recommends a friend to play by registering using the member’s referral link. And before that, members must register their references first.

Advantages Gained When Playing On Pokerv . Servers

How to get referral code or referral code??? It’s easy, as long as poker mania just follows the guide that we provide, yes. Here’s how to register a referral code or link. please login poker mania, then enter the reference column. There you will see the reference number there (6 digits).

All poker mania needs to do is add 2 random letters behind it and press register. For example, in the reference column, there are 6 digits of the number
123456 and then Poker Mania add random letters to 123456sd or 123456bb.

Advantages Gained When Playing On Pokerv . Servers

So what is a 10 + 10% referral bonus and how do you calculate it? see yuks explanation below. the referral bonus will be calculated from the table money deduction.

For example, the 10% referral bonus will be taken from the total 3% table discount,
for example: The friend who was referred managed to win IDR 1,000,000 x 3% table cut = IDR 30,000, then from IDR 30,000 x 10% = IDR 3,000 ,- Automatically enters the referring user id.
And the other 10% will be distributed manually every Monday.

The advantages
So what are the advantages? Besides being able to play comfortably and win, of course, you can get all the bonuses.

That’s a little explanation from us about the advantages that poker mania get when playing on the pokerv server

Hopefully, from the article we wrote, poker mania can get a satisfied answer, okay?

That’s all and thank you for the attention

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